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Top 10 Recognition Themes for National Volunteer Appreciation Week

Whether it’s working on home construction for Habitat for Humanity or helping kids read at a local elementary school, volunteers make the difference. Be sure to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of your volunteers this year during National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Our customers have found the use of recognition themes to effectively express appreciation for their volunteers. Some customers host volunteer appreciation events like luncheons and award ceremonies, and others may have more informal gatherings in someone’s home. Regardless of the location or type of recognition, using a recognition theme can make the appreciation more memorable.

Baudville has more than 100 themes in its repertoire, but our customers have clearly made the following 10 their favorite volunteer appreciation themes. Which one will you use for National Volunteer Appreciation Week ?

1. Essential Piece. A classic recognition theme, this theme’s sentiment, “can’t imagine us without you,” will help you to convey the value of each volunteer. 

2. Making a Difference. One of the most popular themes for volunteer appreciation,  the inspirational story that accompanies this theme is perfect for recognizing the impact of volunteers.

3. Making the Difference. In this category, we’ve got two different takes on a popular theme. One that simply says “Making the Difference” and one that adds a little sass: “Making a Difference. It’s What I Do.” They’re equally as great at focusing on the impact of your volunteers, while adjusting the sentiment a bit to speak to their different personalities. 

4. Thanks For All You Do! Keep your message simple and just say thanks!

5. You Are Truly Appreciated. The objective of National Volunteer Appreciation Week is expressing appreciation to your volunteers. This theme keeps your message simple, effective, and especially heartfelt.

6. You Make a World of Difference! I once attended a volunteer appreciation reception with this theme. The volunteers were given globe stress toys, and the tables were decorated in green blue. It was a lot of fun and—obviously—very memorable!

7. Positive Praise. This theme combines many positive praise sayings for powerful recognition. Whether you choose a gift that says “You Rock” or “Hello: My Name Is Awesome” or “Great Job”, each of these gifts is fun to give and fun to receive.

8. Exclamations. This theme is a spin off our Positive Praise, and includes many more spunky sayings to give a little extra pizzazz to your appreciation. 

9. TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. Thank your volunteers for being a special and important part of your team with this motivational recognition theme. 

10. Thanks for Being Awesome. Volunteers are awesome. Period. So tell them. Plainly. 

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