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Top 10 Student Mock Award Titles

Student Mock Awards

Another year in the books! If you’re like most teachers, you are looking forward to days spent outside of the classroom. But before you close the books and hit the beach, have you thought about how you will recognize your students for a year well done?

Put some fun into your recognition by hosting a mock award ceremony, full of fun titles to mark student achievement and each of their unique personalities!

You can put these fun mock award titles on:

Top Ten Student Mock Award Titles

The (Homework) Over Achiever Award

Perfect for the student that always does a little more for the homework than necessary.

The Class Clown Award

For the student who should probably consider stand up comedy as a career.

The Should Be A Teacher Award

Given to the kid that almost (key word: almost) knows more than you on a certain subject.

The Always Tardy, Never Late Award

Well this one explains itself.

The Best Snacks Award

For that student that is always snacking and it’s always a snack you’d wish they’d share.

The Question Wizard Award

Made for the one that is first to raise their hand. Always.

The News Anchor Award

For the student that keeps everyone up to date with the latest news from inside and outside the school.

The MacGyver Award

Awarded to the student who somehow is always able to make something out of nothing.

The Class President Award

Given to the voice of the class, that student that is always negotiating extra free time on behalf of their classmates.

The Why Do You Have to Leave My Classroom Award

Come on, we all have our favorites.

Doing fun things, like a mock award ceremony, will make the end of the year exciting. They’ll leave your class on a fun and memorable note! Who knows, they may even come back with a paper award themselves – the Best Teacher Award.

Happy crafting!

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