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Ultimate Boss’s Day Gift Guide For Any Boss

photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Boss’s Day is Monday, October 16th. Not to put the pressure on you, but have you thought about what you’re going to get your boss this year? Sometimes it can be hard to think of a gift that is both appropriate and desirable, especially when it’s for someone you look up to! We’ve gone ahead and curated a few gifts that are just what your “type” of boss is looking for.

The “I’m Up for Anything” Boss

Does your boss have the adventurous spirit that is ready for anything? They always seem to be spending their PTO on trips and the next experience of a lifetime? If you answered yes, then these gift ideas are perfect for your boss!

  • Gift a mug ready to experience the great outdoors.
    • The Stanley Mug is a great gift for any wanderlust recipient. It literally has adventure in the name, so how could it not be a good choice? This mug can keep coffee warm for up to 8 hours, letting your boss have the ability to take this handy mug wherever they go. Yes, even if they’re on Mount Everest.
  • Present a clock that plays on their sense of wonder.
    • An elegant clock is a timeless gift. Amp it up a notch by getting your boss one that is kindred in spirit!
  • Create an adventure essentials kit.
    • This gift idea is for the DIYers of the group. Tailor the kit to their favorite kind of adventure. A boss that must travel on the plane a lot may enjoy an “airport survival kit,” packed with items that protect them from getting sick or bored. Whatever kit you create, don’t forget to include a portable power bank. This will help keep them connected for those just-in-case emails.

The Boss that Just Wants to be Your BFF

Think Michael Scott. The very lovable boss that just wants you to like ‘em. This kind of boss loves all acts of appreciation. You could get them almost anything and their gratitude fuel tank would be full. If your boss reminds you of Michael Scott, one of these gifts would be treasured forever by them.

  • Frame your friendship.
    • Collaborate with your co-workers and put your favorite photo of the team and your boss in a frame that serves as a daily reminder of their awesomeness!
  • Have them feeling valued.
    • Executive pens are a great gift because they are a quality gift with value. This pen is something your boss will want to brag about at the next managers meeting.
  • Decorate their office.
    • This gift idea will get their morning started right. Grab all the streamers and all the balloons so your boss walks right into appreciation chaos! Celebrate them but first gift them coffee. Include  a note of appreciation that sticks right to their desk. It’s a great way to show them they are worth the effort!

The Organizational Guru Boss

If your boss gets excited about color coded file folders and three ring binders, then one of these gifts will be a sure win!

  • Elevate their organizational style.
    • Tote bags are super functional. They carry organizational essentials and make it easy to take them wherever they need to go! A stylish tote is even better though.
  • Give them something noteworthy.
    • What if there was a gift set that had specially curated items, ready to show how much your boss is truly appreciated? Oh wait, there is! A notepad, pen, and coffee mug are a great way to help kick-off your boss’ morning meetings!
  • Treat them to a waffle breakfast.
    • Let’s be real, if they are super into organizing everything, they probably radiate Leslie Knope vibes, which would mean they love waffles. Take your boss out for waffles or bring the waffles to them! Setting up a waffle station in the break room is also a fun and great way to treat all the bosses in the office!

The Boss Turned Food Network Star

This kind of boss is a true foodie. Spends their free time talking about the latest kitchen gadgets or who they thought should have won Top Chef. They also LOVE office potluck days. Here are a few gift ideas that might get them cookin’!

  • School them on cooking.
    • Treat your boss to a cooking class. If you have a Sur La Table in your area, they offer a wide range of classes, from themed nights to how-to skills. No Sur La Table if your area? No problem. Check your community’s activity website or Groupon for classes near you.
  • Replace the brown paper bag for good.
    • An all-in-one lunch set is a great gift for any boss that appreciates food! They can conveniently bring their leftovers to work and not worry about leaks and rips like you do with brown paper bags. What’s even better? Their new lunch set will remind them how important they are to your team!

Don’t see your “type” of boss on the list? We’ve got more Boss’s Day gift ideas here.