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What Customer Service Means to an Actual Customer Service Rep

My name is Whitney Edson, and I am a customer service representative at Baudville Brands. I am also a college student going to school for Business & Marketing. I have the opportunity every day to go to work and talk with customers about being recognized, providing service to help them redeem awards, and emphasizing their hard work and dedication to their contributions at their companies. Being in customer service is exciting, and I appreciate being able to assist people daily whether that be by phone, email, or live chat.

What my day look like as a Customer Service Representative

A day for me in customer service is answering emails about any questions a customer may have. I always try to put myself in their shoes and provide personable service to assist them with anything they may need help with. I also answer many incoming phone calls. Whenever I notice someone is celebrating a milestone with their company, I always congratulate them on their achievements. Being able to hear the excitement of the customer over the phone and getting to know them personally is my favorite part of the job.

What Customer Service means to me

Customer Service means being able to help with questions as well as forming a personal connection. I always strive to make the customer feel like they can call back without judgement of any question they may have. Even being able to talk about their day for a moment or share a laugh could make the customer’s day, as well as my own. It’s a very rewarding job.

What Motivates & Inspires Me

What motivates and inspires me is being able to end a phone call feeling happy and helpful, knowing that I have truly helped someone out with a question they had. The biggest motivation for me is the response I receive from the customers. When someone compliments my service and explains how thankful they are to speak with me, it warms my heart! Those moments are truly what makes this job so special and rewarding. My biggest motivation in Customer Service are my amazing coworkers. If something goes wrong, I always have my coworkers to speak with and lean on. They’re always providing advice and answering questions, which makes for a very positive workplace! It really comes full circle around here… If you work with great people, you’ll provide great service, and nothing is better than a happy customer and a successful, productive workday!

How To Recognize Customer Service Reps

The best way to recognize a customer service representative is with a simple “Thank you.” Whether that be through an email, a gift, a note, or a phone call, it truly does mean so much. Recognition is so important and being able to feel accomplished at the end of my workday makes me that much more motivated and excited to have a great day at work the next day.

Why I Chose to Work in Customer Service

I chose to work in Customer Service because I love people! Being able to speak with people around the world is amazing! I love being able to have conversations about the weather where they are from or hearing about their day. Being able to go home at the end of the day to tell my family about a great experience I have had with a customer is so rewarding and memorable. There are multiple conversations and people I remember from working in Customer Service who I can tell great stories about, and that list will continue to grow with experience, which is why I decided to pursue Business and Marketing in college. My hope is that I will be able to help and meet more people whom I can leave a lasting impression on. I remember being told “You are the best customer service representative I have ever spoken to.” …and that right there is why I do what I do. That customer made me feel so valued and appreciated and I am grateful that I can make a difference for someone and provide lasting service.

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