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Why Host Trick-or-Treating at the Office? [Employee Events]

Office Halloween

Employee Events – Office Trick-or-Treating

Though Halloween has roots in Celtic rituals, it is commonly celebrated today with pumpkins, candy, and fun costumes – making it the ultimate dress-up day! With such popularity, how do you celebrate it in the office? Costume contests, Halloween related activities, and provided treats are all great ideas. The best way to celebrate? Host office trick-or-treating for employees’ loved ones to join in on some spooky fun! Here are some reasons why trick-or-treating at the office is a good idea.


Safe Environment

This goes without being said but hosting trick-or-treating at the office offers a safe place for employee’s families to get treats. At the office, you know all or most of the “neighbors” because they’re your co-workers! Hosting it within your company’s four walls also has a bonus, protecting trick-or-treaters from the elements – this is very important if you are in a climate similar to West Michigan, where it could literally start raining or snowing at the drop of a hat.


Double the Fun

Trick-or-treating at the office isn’t double the trouble, it’s double the FUN! It gives families a chance to take part in some ghoulish fun more than once! We suggest that you host trick-or-treating a few days before Halloween or earlier in the day. More chances to trick-or-treat means more chances for goodies like these!


Know Your Co-Workers Better

The Halloween fun isn’t just for the kids! It also serves as a chance to get to know your co-workers and their families better. This helps foster work-family relationships and ultimately has a positive impact on the company culture – win, win!


Fill Up the Family Appreciation Tank

Family matters. It’s important as a company to not forget that the long hours your employees spend working also affect their families. Hosting a family-fun trick-or-treating event is a great way to say “thanks” for their continued support!


Check Out All the Fun We Had

Monsters and mermaids and ghosts, oh my! Our office trick-or-treating was a blast!


Tips For Next Year

Now it’s your turn! It’s never too early to start planning for next year. Pro tip: set up other festive activities, like office bingo, where you can handout prizes at the end of the day. People love winning things, and this is a great way to involve employees without kids! If you also need a head start on your costume next year, we have 10 witty and work appropriate ideas here!

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