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Why You Should Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day

Of all the national observances and special days, why should companies acknowledge Employee Appreciation Day?

It’s true, there seems to be a special recognition day for every job title and position under the sun. But each one provides a great opportunity to recognize a different piece of the corporate puzzle.

The great thing about Employee Appreciation Day is that it includes everyone. You can have Employee Appreciation Day celebrations at a company that employs blue collar and white collar workers, staff of different skill levels, and across position levels. It unites the employees as members of the company.

Is a company wide celebration considered recognition? How so?

Recognition programs play a critical role in drawing attention to organizational values, driving the behaviors that count, and fostering loyalty and commitment. When you celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, the company is communicating to its employees: thank you for your contribution. You matter to us.

That provides the appreciation most employees crave. It not only makes them feel good about their role in the company, it makes them feel good about the company, too. And studies have shown appreciation and praise to be a top priority for retaining talent. So even though you’re recognizing en masse on Employee Appreciation Day, you’re still satisfying your employees’ need to feel appreciated and reinforcing the value you have in their presence and their work.

How can companies afford to spend money on employee recognition perks for Employee Appreciation Day?

In today’s competitive market, hosting recognition events at your company is more important than ever. Companies will keep employee morale high when they continue to practice recognition, and Employee Appreciation Day is a great morale-booster opportunity. This will result in more engaged employees, better customer service, and ultimately a boost to the bottom line.

On the other hand, companies that reduce their recognition or continue not to practice recognition at all may come to regret it. According to the Gallup Organization, disengaged workers – these are employees who show up to work but are mentally elsewhere (think Office Space) – cost the economy $300 billion or more a year. In light of that information, practicing recognition by reinforcing positive behaviors and accomplishments in the workplace may actually help your company and the economy. You can get it all started with Employee Appreciation Day.

How can companies recognize their employees on Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day and celebrations can occur on a wide scale of expense and detail, but some of the most popular celebrations don’t cost a lot. One of Baudville’s favorite events was an airplane throwing contest. All employees had the chance to participate and prizes were given to the most successful flights. Employees loved this activity and it cost the company nearly nothing.

A tried and true recognition celebration is food. Have lunch brought in for your team or providing a snack in the afternoon is a great way to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. For a past celebration, we made goodie baskets for each department. The baskets were packed full of snack-sized goodies that were bought in bulk. Employees were able to grab multiple items from the basket and had fun discovering the different goodies. Many of the baskets lasted longer a couple days!

Finally, one of the most desired forms of recognition is a hand written note. Simply writing thank you on a small note card can have a greater effect than a lunch or gift. Around Baudville, employees still have Pocket Praise or Marks of Appreciation mini-note cards on their desk from past years’ Employee Appreciation Day.

How do companies tie all of their recognition activities back to the bottom line?

A great way to keep your recognition consistent with your business plan is to use a theme in all your communication and events. Keeping a consistent message throughout all your communication will resonate longer with your employees. To choose an effective theme, create one that supports a company core value.

For example, many companies value teamwork or cooperation. This is a great value to emphasize on employee appreciation day since you’re recognizing the entire staff. Plan team-building activities that employees will not only appreciate, but will also help to improve office dynamics and efficiency. You’ll find the results in the office to be truly priceless.