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Work Hard, Play Harder: 15 Fun at Work Day Ideas for a Vibrant Office

Fun at Work Day

National Fun at Work Day is just around the corner, hitting the calendar on January 26, 2024. It’s not just another day; it’s an opportunity for companies to boost employee morale and foster a positive company culture. However, picking the right ways to celebrate at your office can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 15 ideas to celebrate National Fun at Work Day. These ideas are easy to tackle and fun for everyone, all focused on employee engagement and company culture. Interested? Let’s get started…

15 Ways to Celebrate Fun at Work Day

Work isn’t just about tasks and deadlines; it’s about creating an environment where people feel comfortable and connected. A positive and playful atmosphere can enhance creativity and productivity. Here are some ways to celebrate Fun at Work Day this year:

1. Desk Decor Competition: Let the desks tell a tale! Organize a desk decor competition where employees can unleash their artistic side. It’s not just about fun, it’s about personalizing the workspace and fostering a sense of belonging. It’s a wonderful way to let employees express themselves and their interests! 

2. Theme Day: Who says dress-up is only for Halloween? On Fun at Work Day, embrace the joy of themed dress-up. Whether it’s a favorite movie character or a blast from the past, let the creativity flow, and watch how it sparks conversations and laughter. We love to pick a specific theme and go ALL OUT. In the past, we have had 80s days and Alice in Wonderland days. 

Fun at Work Day - Theme Day
Pictured: Baudville’s Alice in Wonderland Theme Day

3. Team Building Challenges: Break the ice with interactive team challenges. From problem-solving puzzles to team-building games, these challenges not only inject fun but also strengthen teamwork and communication skills.

4. Meditation Sessions: Switch from laughter to serenity with meditation sessions. Invite a specialist to host ten minute meditation sessions throughout the day so all team members can participate. Not sure where to host them? Simply turn off the lights in a conference room and let the specialist do the rest. 

5. DIY Snack Bar: Create a DIY snack buffet with a variety of treats. Allow employees to contribute their favorite snacks, turning the break room into a hub of deliciousness. Sharing food is a simple yet powerful way to foster connections.

Fun at Work Day - Snack Bar
Pictured: Example of an easy DIY snack bar

6. Office Scavenger Hunt: Transform the office into a playground with a scavenger hunt. Clues can lead to hidden surprises or team achievements, creating a sense of adventure and excitement.

7. Desk Chair Racing: Rev up the energy with a desk chair racing championship. Modify the chairs for speed, set up a track, and let the adrenaline flow. It’s a quirky way to infuse excitement and team spirit.

8. Inspirational Quote Wall: Create an inspirational quote wall where employees can share their favorite motivational quotes. It’s a subtle reminder of positivity and encouragement, adding a touch of inspiration to the workplace.

9. Mock Awards: Acknowledge the uniqueness of each employee with personalized desk awards. From ‘Office Comedian’ to ‘Master Multitasker,’ celebrate the diverse talents within your team and make everyone feel valued.

10. Break Room Crafts: Turn the break room into a haven of creativity with crafts. Provide materials for quick, fun projects, giving employees a chance to express themselves artistically during breaks. A super easy way to do this is by setting out colored pencils and an array of color pages.

Fun at Work Day - Crafts
Pictured: Baudville’s 2022 Fun at Work Day craft station

11. Board Games Break: Switch gears with a board games break. Provide a selection of board games in common areas, giving employees a chance to unwind, bond, and tap into their strategic sides.

12. Bring Your Pet to Work Day: Furry friends can be fantastic stress-busters. Designate a day for employees to bring their pets to work, creating a relaxed and pet-friendly atmosphere that boosts morale.

13. Office-Wide Luncheon: Gather the entire office for a festive luncheon. Sharing a meal fosters a sense of community and provides an opportunity for employees to connect on a personal level. Plus, who doesn’t love free food!?

Fun at Work Day - Lunch
Pictured: One of many past Baudville lunches

14. Chill-out Zone Makeover: Transform a corner into a chill-out zone with comfy cushions and soothing decor. It’s a serene space for employees to recharge, fostering a positive and rejuvenating work environment.

15. Gifts of Gratitude: Everyone loves gifts! Express your appreciation to your team for all their hard work with small gifts of gratitude. Remember, small gifts have a big impact! 

Fostering Employee Engagement

  • Engage Through Play: Engagement doesn’t have to be all serious. Casual gatherings create bonds, fostering a sense of community that extends beyond the workplace.
  • Recognition and Awards: Regularly recognizing employees through awards and acknowledgments boosts morale and reinforces a positive company culture. It’s a simple yet effective way to show appreciation. You can do this through small appreciation gifts or beautiful custom trophies.
  • Open Communication Channels: An engaged workforce requires open communication. Establish platforms for employees to share ideas, feedback, and even their favorite Fun at Work Day activities. As easy way to do this is by creating an internal Facebook group.

Building a Positive Company Culture

  • Inclusive Celebrations: Ensure that celebrations are inclusive and reflect the diversity within your company. Inclusivity in events promotes a sense of belonging among all employees.
  • Values and Mission Integration: Tie Fun at Work Day activities to your company’s values and mission. Aligning fun with core principles reinforces the organization’s identity and purpose.
  • Mentorship Programs: Building a strong company culture involves nurturing talent. Implement mentorship programs to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and foster a supportive community.


National Fun at Work Day isn’t just a date on the calendar; it’s an opportunity to breathe life into your office culture. By infusing fun into the workday, you’re not only promoting employee engagement but also nurturing a vibrant company culture that stands the test of time.

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